Latest Picade with a 3 A+?

I dropped the right hints and got a Picade and Pi 4 for my birthday (Easiest way to get one in the house).

I’m keen to do a build, but as Retropie isn’t fit for purpose on the Pi4 yet I was considering picking up a Pi 3 in the meantime and using that.

Looks like they only sell the 3 A+ here now, would that work? Will I need some different connectors/psu as all the bits I got are geared towards the Pi 4?


Other retailers still sell the 3B+, just FYI. If the Pi gets its power via the Picade X hat what ever power supply fits that should work with whatever Pi is attached to the hat.
If not, and its the other way around you will need the official 2.5A micro USB power supply or equivalent.
3A versus 3B, the only big difference is the 3A only has the one full sized USB 2 port, instead of 4, and no Ethernet jack. All the other jacks are the same as and in the same location as they are on a 3B or 3B+.
The Pi 4 is very different from a model 3 though. USB C power jack, dual Micro HDMI, and the ethernet and USB jacks are swapped around. I don’t know if that affects the Picade or not? Kind of depends on what Picade you got, the older 3B one or the new Pi 4 version. You may need an HDMI cable or adapter.

Thanks for replying.

I have the latest Picade that is more specifically for the Pi 4 so want to come up with a shopping list of what is needed to make it work with a 3. Hopefully it’s a short list as it’s just going to be a stop gap until Retropie is ready…

The product pictures appear to be for the older Pi 3 version. Two cables in the picture caught my eye. I saw an HDMI cable and a USB cable. Not sure what the USB cable is for, it looks to be A to Micro B? The HDMI is just a regular HDMI cable. Yours is likely Micro HDMI to HDMI. Any stock HDMI you have kicking around should work with a Pi 3 as long as its long enough to go from the Pi to the screen driver board.
If the Picade didn’t come with a power supply, and you have the new Picade X board, your going to need a Pi 4 USB C power supply. The Picade X board will have a USB C jack and be marked 3A instead of 2.5A. 5V is 5V so its not an issue with a Pi 3. The Pi will only draw the current it needs to run.
You may also want to order the other official Pi 3 Micro USB power supply. Eventually at some point your going to have a spare model 3 to do something with. ;)

I figured out what the USB cable is for. Its to power the display from one of the Pi’s USB ports. That should work with any Pi that has normal regular sized USB ports.