Does the PiCade care which Pi is being used?


I’m looking to build a new setup for the PiCade I bought a while ago. 2018?
I was wondering if the setup script that is mentioned on this page:

cares if its a Pi3 or Pi4? As the hardware does differ does it look for anything in particular, or would I Pi4 be absolutely fine here?

The Picade Hat shop page says * Compatible with all 40-pin Raspberry Pi models
That’s the current USB C version, hardware wise, I would think your hat will work with a Pi 4. The GPIO header pinout is the same. Assuming you don’t exceed the 2.5A limit of the older model power supply. I have run a Pi 4B on the 3B supply with an adapter with no issues.

That being said, software wise, your more likely to be caught out by the installer not liking the latest and greatest Pi OS release.
If that happens you can get older versions of Pi OS / Raspbian here.
Index of /raspbian/images (

Any Pi with a 40 pin header should work fine. The micro-B Picade X HAT will only supply your Pi 4 with 2.5A though, so you might find that you need to power the screen/Pi separately if you run into power issues.

If you have the Plasma Lights on the buttons your very likely going to want to follow Hel’s advice and power the screen separately.