Original Picade Pi2 upgrade to Pi3 or Pi4

Hi everyone

I am new here and apologies if this questions has been asked before. i have the original Picade with 8 inch screen and pi2 back from 2016 and have no issues it whatsoever but since it’s 2023 now, i just wanted to know how how easy to upgrade from pi2 to pi3 or pi4 and what sort of items i would need as well to complete the upgrade if i was just keep using the old screen that it came with it or do i need to get a new screen?

Many thanks

Pi 2 to a Pi 3 shouldn’t be a big deal. Same power connector and other ports.
Going to a Pi 4 likely means swapping some cables. USB C for power, Micro HDMI for monitor.

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Thanks Alpha for the reply

I probably will look into upgrading to Pi 4 :)

I wish you good luck in getting one. They seem to be made of unobtainium these days.
Performance wise if you can get one with 8 gig of RAM, you should be good for a long while before having to upgrade again. Assuming the Picade software can use 8 gig of RAM, if not go with a 4 gig Pi 4.

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