Picade X HAT micro-USB vs. USB C

Hi, I would like to upgrade my Pi from 3+ to 4 and keep my Picade X HAT micro-USB. Besides the port itself, is there is difference between the X HAT micro-USB and USB C? The latter mentions that power is 3A while the former is 2.5A: can I use a 3A micro-USB power supply with the older X HAT? Thanks.

I’m not sure that rating is due to the Hat or the supply that’s plugged into it. I’m thinking it’s the latter. The “Official” micro USB power supply is limited to a max of 2.5A and the new “official” USB C one is good for up to 3A. Somebody from Pimoroni would have to confirm my suspicions though.
I’d see if you get any undervolt warnings with a Pi 4B swapped in and go from there. I’ve run my 4B on the older 2.5A supply with an adapter with no issues. I wasn’t driving a display and other bits in a Picade though. Just keyboard and mouse.
You’ll need a USB C female to Micro USB male adapter to use the new power supply. The one I got here is the other way around. Micro USB to USB C.