Would someone like to build my Picade?

I purchased a Picade kit about a year ago, plus the 12" screen option (from eBay). Unfortunately I haven’t had time to build mine and I don’t think I will for for the forseeable future 😞

I know it’s not exactly part of the maker / DIY spirit, and I apologize for that, but I really would love to get this kit built up, so maybe I can…

  1. ship the kit to you (plus Pi of course)
  2. you build it for a fair 💰 price (TBD)
  3. you ship the completed / working Picade to me (postage fully covered in step two of course!)

If anyone is interested (ping @angel77lopez I am a big fan of your work here), just PM me… any questions feel free to reply!

Note that I would prefer folks who have built a Picade before so they have some experience, if possible.

Hello. You pinged me on your post. I would love to put together your picade but I live in the United States. I think you are in UK. Thanks for mentioning the artwork. I just enjoy contributing to the community. Hope others find that art work that is just right for the picade. Have a good day.

I’m in Berkeley, CA – definitely in the USA.


You should be able to assemble it in around 90 minutes. The installation of Retropie is basically download and write to SD card.

I would offer to do it but as I am in the UK I would think the shipping costs would be too prohibitive.



Damn Paul, I would have let you build mine before going through all that…

Seriously @codinghorror, doing a basic build is pretty straight forward. Once you upgrade the screen and get the single power source it can get complex. I don’t regret doing it at all, it was VERY rewarding.


Building everything was half the fun! Why limit the fun to only 50%?


I agree. I did mine on a Saturday with my 4 year old daughter. She loved it.

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Definition of "Build" - A small project that is completed quickly when you don’t have any other obligations.
Definition of "Project" - An even smaller project that’s usually completed over a couple of years on odd Saturdays thanks to other obligations.

You’ll get used to a lot of ‘Projects’ everywhere. The fun is altering the design to make it better over the years it takes. :)

That being said, if you do get it built by somebody else, make sure you have a look inside some weekend you get. It’s fun to have an arcade cabinet, but it’s even cooler to know how one works!

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No takers, eh? $100 USD? $200 USD? (Plus extra postage on top of that of course)

I guess my DIY aspirations outrun my actual time available, being one of two full-time working parents with three kids (ages 5 5 and 8), a startup to run, and… gosh… I dunno. :(

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I would happily do it but I’m in the UK, I’ve also built one before. I also have plenty of free time at the moment due to Summer break.

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As others have said, it really doesn’t take that long. My 10yo got one for Christmas and assembled it within 2 hours. It’s half the fun of the Picade!

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Just closing this out, eventually I did get it built!! Proof

Pimoroni is the coolest stuff ;)


Congrats! Mine sat unassembled on a shelf for two months till I found time to build it. It took me about 90 minutes within the span of 2 days with multiple interruptions from my daughter, which was totally fine hahaha. I’ve been enjoying mine for over two years now and have had the pleasure of adding tiny modifications to it. Hope you enjoy yours!

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