Picade Question


So I have been using my pi 3 on my TV and purchased a second one for a bartop arcade.But I want a small portable bartop like the picade, but they are very hard to find now. Where can I find the kit without the screen? I live in the USA. Or can some one give me some measurements so I can build my own? You can see by the numbers on the arrows what measurements i need. Sorry but they are hard to find and don’t see any with 12’’ screens like i want.



We’re not going to release the measurements I’m afraid, but you could order a full Picade from Adafruit who are based in the US? Alternatively we have the BYO Screen picade which is indeed the Picade without a screen: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/picade-byo-screen. We ship to the USA as well.

The BYO screen picade should be back in stock soon.




So i keep waiting for the BYO Screen picade but i never see any and thats
the one i want.


There should be a few in stock at the end of next week, if you’re signed up to stock notifications (the button is on the BYO screen Picade page) you’ll get an email when they get added to the shop.