Picade BYOS Version

Hello all!

Pretty excited to have purchased the Picade over the weekend. Trying to save a little money I thought I would try and buy a display from a company in the US. Quickly realizing it said 8" screen in the description and I can only find 7" screens on Adafruit.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good screen to put into my Picade project?


I’ll summon @ConnorPlant because he created the flexible mounting bracket that lets you fit screens of all shapes and sizes.

I have a feeling that 7" will fit, but would obviously leave a gap around the artwork which you’d have to craftily fill with black paper.

Ada have 10.1" displays that you could use, but I don’t think they meet the “save a little money” criteria!

I am not opposed to buying from somewhere else. I just usually purchase from one of a few places. Adafruit being one of them.

If there are any other sites or anything reasonably priced I am all ears.

I am slowly kicking myself for not buying the screen too.

Maybe that will be offered as a stand alone down the road?

It will be, and the price of BYO+Screen will be the same as whole kit, but you will have to pay for shipping again :/

Yea. I screwed up a little bit there. I guess I will just wait it out!

Shipping for just the screen should be more reasonable than the whole kit, so it won’t be the end of the world.

Thought about looking into the HDMIMiPi screen, that seems to be a reasonable contender to put in there. Not saving any money that way either.

Slowly learning to not be on pimoroni while inebriated and there is a sale going on. Pretty easy to talk myself into things.

Just wanted to pop in here and let you know, anything down to about a 4" screen should fit! I’ve bought 6" screens from Amazon before, for about £20.
The case is then big enough to fit up to a 12" (depending on screen bevel).

You would need to create your own screen shim for your screen. I believe the outline of the design will be put online, so you can create your own. You can create a screen shim quite easily with some black card and a craft knife, as it’s basically just cutting two squares out!

  • Connor

Hi Connor,

Do you have a template/outline of the screen shim for the 12.1" screen available? I can just create my own when everything arrives, but if there is a printable outline or template available somewhere that would be even better!


Something like this should help fella:

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Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful. Will give it a go!