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Just ordered a Picade (console). I’m very happy to go hunting for info on what emulator to go for and to get started but wondered if you have any recommendations for getting going out of the box? The basic choice is retropi vs piplay no? Is there anything special I’d need to do to map the joystick etc?

I spotted basic assembly instructions here



Edit: Instructions now here:


The document you linked is for the old version of the Picade ( and consequently the Picade PCB ) and it’s incomplete, although it may well prove to be useful!

I’m currently in the process of writing up a set of build instructions with Connor, and he’s also putting together a build video that should make everything crystal clear.

I think the only not-obvious part of the assembly is probably the wiring loom where you could quite easily hook your joystick up to the volume control and the side buttons up to incessantly ring your neighbour’s doorbell.

Anyway, we’re working on it! And happy Picadeing!


I’ve ordered mine too, can’t wait! :) Happy to beta test any instructions!

(have they actually gone out do you know? If not I might need to change the address for my order!)


Like the OP I’m also keen on any software suggestions


I’ve no idea what the status is on any of the orders, but I know nothing will have shipped yet.

In-house we use RetroPie, which works really well. I’ve not tried PiPlay so I don’t know much about it. Despite being a retro gaming fan, I’ve barely clocked half an hour on a Picade!


I had a go with MAME in about 1999 but thats about it!


I’ve been using piplay for a while and it’s great. But will probably use retropi for the picade as it’s what they use.


I’ve also ordered mine this weekend, nearly as soon as I got the birthday email :)
I hope to received it soon ;-) (but I wait so long to be available that I can wait a bit more… :D)

Anyway, @gadgetoid, I hope your documentation will be ready when we will receive our Picade ;)


It does say “Ships next working day” on the site so hopefully it won’t be too long! (have sent a query to the shop guys)

I still can’t believe I missed the Kickstart myself.


Yeah I missed it too, sadly, but this version seems to be better than the original from the KS, apart from the screen…

This Picade if I’m correct have the same button count as the Picade maxi, mais be a bit smaller cabinet than the maxi, but larger than the mini, and a screen with a size between the mini and the maxi right?


Still no answer from the shop guys, meaning it’s probably going to end up where I am no. Not very happy!


I’m looking into it!


It shipped! Woohoo :)


Hey guys,

Hows the instructions and video coming along?

Had my picade mini delivered today, I’m one of the original kickstarter backers, so can probably throw the thing together without too much hassle but there’s a letter in the box that directs people to which doesn’t exist and this forum - so if a fair few of these were shipped out yesterday there’s a good chance there might well be an influx of people with a bunch of bits and no clue how to put the cabinet together landing this evening…


I’ve been working on the instructions today. It’s been a little tricky since I haven’t actually built a Picade before… muwahaha!

They should be published very, very soon, I just need to find @jon who has the key for the magic button.


cool - I’ll be using them as soon as you’ve released them @gadgetoid so I’ll let you know if I run into any problems ;).




great video, looking forward to having a go. I’m hoping it’ll be obvious which sides of the case pieces to stick things to.


It’s obvious enough - there are etchings and diagrams on the inside showing you where things go.


I’ve been messing around with the Picade and think RetroPi is pretty good in terms of software.
Hopefully I’ll throw out a video in the next week just installing and getting started.

But a brief overview of some features I found useful:
Many emulators
Automatic game installer- Put roms on a memory stick, insert it to pi and it’ll install them
Nitty gritty controls - Overscan, sounds etc
Ability to customize startup screen
Simple fast control mapping
And it’s pretty fast.

I would say if you’re planning to run anything N64 or newer you’re going to run into problems with mapping as you need the D-pad mapped for menus, but joystick for the games.

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