Picade Build Instructions


You can find our Picade build instructions here: http://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/picade/build

All comments and feedback are welcome for making them clearer and more useful. Oh and we’re going to add images as soon as we can!

The majestic @ConnorPlant has also put together a detailed full build video covering every step of the process from more angles than a non-euclidean geometry course:

###Read this:

If you’re a Raspberry Pi user, we’re currently recommending RetroPie as the OS of choice to run on your Picade. You can download it from here, with separate images for the Pi 1/2: http://blog.petrockblock.com/retropie/retropie-downloads/

I’d suggest trying 3.0 RC 1. The latest and greatest has got to be good right? We’re not involved in the project in an way, but you should expect to upgrade and replace your image periodically as development continues ( so a small USB drive will come in handy for backing up your games ).

After installing RetroPie on an SD card, and before booting it up, make sure you edit your /boot/config.txt and add or uncomment ( remove the # before ): hdmi_force_hotplug=1.

Since the display is powered from the Pi it wont be properly detected at startup, so this is required to make it work.

  • We recommend using a decent, 2A power supply for the Picade. You’re free to choose, but the official Pi is a good bet since it’s what we use and we know it works.
  • The pins you want for connecting your LCD driver board are any 5v and any GND pin, you can find these here: http://pi.gadgetoid.com/pinout

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Oh there is two storage box that come with the Picade?
Woohoo!!! I love that!

One small comment, you should list the tools we need to provide to mount the Picade (like the type of screwdriver if they are hex, torx, philips, flat, their size etc…)
That could be handy for some people to prepare that or have them in advance :)


Got my Picade Console Kit today. Any chance for specific Console build instructions (video??)?
I think I can work it out from the build instructions for the full Picade, but it would be nice to get Console specific instructions (e.g. it seems Pi mounting holes are only for the Pi2 or B+).



Yeah we’ll put a video together for the console. However id recommend having a shot at putting it together if you haven’t already, it’s a much simpler build!
Also yes the mounting holes are just for the A+, B+ and 2.



Absolute brilliant kit, loved building it and playing!

Thanks for putting this together!


I don’t know if it matters but at 30:16 on the video the white and grey wires are not connected the same as the graphic shows in the lower left (I have just built mine and wired it the same as Conner did in the video)?