Picade not working

I try to use this version of Picade (

Where can I download the corresponding driver for RetroPie?
I can use the joystick to navigate in the RetroPie interface but no way to use the joystick in any game for C64 :(

Go here,

And then “I think” here,

Its where I ended up when I typed Picade in the “find a repository” box.

That’s the picade PCB not the HAT. DON’T try and install the HAT software!

when plugged in via USB it should be recognised as a HID/keyboard and switch presses/joystick movements should type characters in the console. The config doesn’t need a driver merely the correct config; from the Retropie home screen you need to find the controller setup menu and assign keys there. The Retropie wiki will be your friend.

Ah, or I guess ops. I just assumed there was a header on the bottom. A Picade Hat, Picade Hat X etc deal. My bad. But to be honest, not being able to find the product pages for the older stuff makes it tough. Especially if you don’t own said item.

I agree wholeheartedly! There are a lot of the PCB kits out there with worldwide resellers, and not much in the way of directions left.