Picade hat not installing


I’ve been having a few issues getting the Picade X HAT detected on my 2018 Picade, at the moment (after a lot of attempts to sort it) I can see one or two buttons can now be detected, but no directions on the joystick. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve done so far:

Put an existing image into my new picade, connected to Wi-Fi and attempted to download the drivers via the normal command. No sound, power off or buttons/joystick detected. I had 3 USB receivers plugged in, 2 for wireless controllers and one for the keyboard. The controllers work fine. The config detected 2 gamepads.

Ran ‘sudo picadehatd’ and folder was not found.

Physically removed and reseated the HAT.

Updated Retropie to latest version, updated all packages, manually updated GPIO, checked ‘watch’ command (can’t remember the actual command but it was to see if the buttons were there), all buttons and joystick directions are fine on this screen. Following another reboot, the sound is on (but with no volume control), the safe shutdown still doesnt work and the config now detects 3 gamepads. When I tried to run config, I prompted it with the keyboard but only a couple of the buttons were detected, no joystick directions still (but as above the gpio thing acknowledged all buttons etc).

The Picade HAT still seemingly not installed after several ‘successful’ downloads/attempts.

A bit unsure of what to do next now! Don’t get me wrong I love the device, just want to get it working! Hope you can help, thanks :)