Picade 10 Inch - Issue with Emulation Station Setup


I reached our to Pimoroni but they advised they don’t offer email support for this and we are about to purchase lots more of the Picade 10 inch arcade machines. We are able to get the Picade to boot, we see the Retro Pie icon and then we get to the configure option after the emulation, we are able to hit one of the buttons on the arcade machine to get into the main menu with scraper, sound settings, all the way down to configure input and quit, it is showing configuring with keyboard underneath, if we try to skip an instruction by holding down a button, it doesn’t work, so we are forced to use inputs from the keyboard until all options have been pressed, when we get to the OK option at the bottom, there is no way for us to press ok, when we press another random button, we get back to another RetroPie menu with wifi etc, any suggestions on what we can do?

Thank you in advance, I would be willing to pay someone for help with this.



Based on this post and the setup steps you’ve outlined in your other post it sounds like you missed the setup step that includes installing the actual software for the picade HAT.

Once you’ve got retropie installed and a network connection, quit back to the terminal and run

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash

Once that’s installed, reboot again and you should be set.

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