Should I wait for the 12" screen

Hello All

Can anyone tell me when the 12" screen and the BYO picade will be in stock.

I really want to get a picade but want the 12" screen to go in it.

Should I hang fire or just get the 8" picade if the bigger screen and BYO picade aren’t in stock in the near future.

Cheers GC

I have the 12 inch screen. Strongly recommend it

Yeah I really do want to get the bigger screen as I think it will make a massive difference compared to the 8".

I am probably going to wait a couple of week to see if the BYO screen picade and 12.1 screen come in stock, if not then I will just get the 8" screen and upgrade at some point in the future.

Does anyone know of any other screens that I could get rather than wait for the 12.1" samsung LCD to come back in stock

I cant compare to the 8" screen as I have never had it but can confirm the 12.1" screen is lovely :)

If i was you i would wait for the 12.1" but i know some people have used a tontec 10 inch lcd and say its decent.

So it sounds like its worth the wait.

I will wait to see if anyone from pimoroni can tell me when they BYO Screen Picade & the 12.1" screen are due in stock.