Picade and 12.1LCD stock?


Hi Pimoroni.

Very interested in the Picade kit and the 12.1inch LCD.

Any idea when these will be back in stock?

Thanks in advance



Picade kit will be back in stock in about a month. As for the 12.1inch LCD… we’re working on it. We had a very limited supply to start with, and the right panels/drivers are rare as hen’s teeth.


Heh. Ok, Thanks gadgetoid.

Is there any way to sign up for stock alerts or something similar? Or just site check in 1 month :)

Thanks in advance.


I also would love one of those LCDs if you can get them… They’re such a nice size and price and with touch too…


I must have dropped lucky then because I casually came on the site on Sunday and they were in stock so I ordered one there and then. Was delivered yesterday (Wednesday) but haven’t attempted to fit it yet as no instructions are provided.