Sources for 12.1 screen



I’ve been watching the pimoroni site for a few months waiting for the 12.1" LCD screen kit to come back in stock, with no luck. Does anyone know an alternate source for 12.1 screens?

I have a finished Picade kit with the 8" screen, but would really like the upgrade.



I waited and waited for them to restock… but I don’t think they will ever restock the 12.1"…
I ended up getting the exact same model from ebay.
I searched the model number LTN121XL01

i bought from this person on ebay

You can also search the same model number on Aliexpress. but i dont really like using aliexpress as you have to use credit card…i prefer paypal.

you will also need a 12v 1a dc power adapter (not included when you buy screen) so make sure you buy that from either the pimoroni site or on ebay.

I received my screen about 1.5 weeks later and it works great… only complaint is I have 2 dead pixels… but you can’t see it unless you look really hard.
hope that helps.

Good luck.


If you do pick up one of those from Ebay give Pim a shout and they’ll send you out a 12" screen shim.



Thanks for the reply guys.

I am going to pull the trigger on this one I think, unless you see something missing here:



Let us know how you get on with that one. I’m in the market too. Wish Pimoroni would source some more of one sort or another.


Hey guys.
It just arrived yesterday. It fits perfect, and Worked great for a few hours, but now does not recognize HDMI signals (from either the pi, or a laptop).

It appears to be working still on VGA & Analog inputs.

My guess is its the cheap 12V supply I’m using to drive it. I’m working on getting a bigger one & see if that makes a difference. Stay tuned.


Well I just hooked up a 12V, 14AH battery to the screen, and verified that VGA still works, but still no HDMI. I guess the controller board is fried. I’ll try contacting the seller & look for a new one. The screen looks in good shape, so hopefully this won’t take too long to fix.


We have it working temporarily with an HDMI to VGA adapter. Having fun!
We are also working on an Uktrastik 360 which is great. (Allows us to play Star Wars)

12.1 Inch Display Question

I should also point out that the original Ebay seller contacted me this morning, and offered to send a replacement HDMI controller & LVDS cable, no charge. For now its still working well using the VGA adapter.

So overall thumbs up.