8" Screen & Technical informations on the Picade

Hi there,

I wonder there is not a lot of information on the 8" screen provided with the full Picade package (the one I bought :-D)

Is the screen a 16/10 one? a 4/3 one? a 16/9? What is its resolution?

BTW I saw that the golden ticket / black dot hunt allow to win a Picade (good luck everyone :)) with a 12" screen, is this the screen that was originally planned for the Picade Maxi?
Or have you finally found a big screen that could fit in the Picade?

Good point! The screen is the EJ080NA-05B with HDMI driver and power from the Pi’s GPIO or other 5V source. We include cables with the Pi in mind.

It’s 4:3, 800x600 and has the advantage of being of production and there being a reliable quality supply of them :-)

More news on the 12 inch screen once we’ve sorted it out (very limited supply as it’s out of production). Going on the shop this week). It will be offered as a bare screen on the shop and will fit the Picade nicely.

I’m instantly thinking maybe theres room for an HDMI switch in there so that I can use my PiCade as a monitor for my xbox :D

Don’t expect too much from a 800x600 screen (especially a 4/3 as you xbox will like a 16/9 screen) but I think yes it is completely possible :)

(I renamed the thread to include more information than just about the screen)

I wonder, the sound aplifier get the sound from a standard jack? So from a Pi it would be get by the audio output jack, the screen driver board does not support audio output from HDMI right?

I’ve just received mine… Still under my desk at work in it’s box, but I already love it :)

I’ve look at some component as the curiosity will kill me ;)

On the LCD driver board, the connector that was mistaken in the video for th power connector seems to be providing a i2c bus, do you know pimoroni’s folk what this is for?

It is for the board to control something, or to control the board from outside?

I’ve look at the RTD2660 chip datasheet, but as it’s a programmable MCU, this bus could be use for lots of thing as it depends on the software.

Very keen to get a 12" screen as the 8" with bevel looks like it is begging to be upgraded!

yup same here! stalking the store to see that 12 incher pop up :-)
People of the good ship, could you maybe already share that screen’s specs?

On thing that in a near future could be nice is to sell the two acrylic peices and the block sheet for having different screen possibility for one picade,
I wonder is there is a mechanical way to make the screen mounting more switch, I mean we may want to be able to switch from a 4/3 landscape to a 4/3 portrait for exemple, just by switching the screen panel, or have the possibility to switch from the 8" 4/3 screen to a 16/9 panel, things like that (could be useful to use the Picade to watch movies, it would be fun to control XBMC using a arcade stick ;)

Any more 12" news… poised on the buy button…

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I see it! It needs a separate 12V supply correct?

Spotted it too!
In the basket now, just waiting if they’re not going to announce some kind of bundle with the BYO that saves me some dough :)

Couldn’t help myself. Bought.

yep, same here!
still waiting for my shipping confirmation after 2 days tho! :(

I emailed support and just got a response to say I should have an email about the screen kit which I need to respond to first. Haven’t had the email though.

Hmm no email here either… Guess I’ll shoot a request to the support team too.

edit: … already sorted thanks to the helpful pirates; my picade+screen should be on the way soon!

Yup, i just got an email from them too. Love those pirates. Hope their courier does saturday delivery!