Anyone in EU actually using the Samsung Screen 12.1" LTN121XL01-N03?


Hi Guys,

first post here as I got a new Picade and trying to exchange the screen to the Samsung Screen 12.1" LTN121XL01-N03. So I bought the LTN121XL01-N03, a fitting controller board and a 12V 4.16A power supply. Unfortunately no matter what I connect via HDMI or DVI the screen stays black.

I suppose the controller board is working because the LED on the button panel is red when power is connected and becomes green when HDMI is connected. I think also the display is the issue as even when I push the “MENU” button on the button panel, nothing appears on the screen.

But right now I’m still unsure who to blame. The screen and the controller board came from China and it would be expensive to send it back. So I had the idea to ask in this forum if anyone in Germany or even the EU is actually using this screen. I’m thinking of sending my screen and controller board to a user with a working combination to find out for real what is the problem.

Of course I would cover the shipping costs. If anyone has another idea what I can do for testing I’m happy to hear.



Where did you get the LTN121XL01-N03? seems not to be able to deliver it any more…


Hi Steffen,

I have the LTN121XL01-N03 panel which I ordered from back in November I think. I also ordered a controller board from ebay from a user named ‘driverboard’.

After I built the system I had strange distortion issues on the display (I made a separate thread on this forum about them) and I didn’t know what was causing the problem between the display and controller board.

I contacted the ebay seller and he sent me another board out which didn’t fix my issues. I was ready to give in because dealing with sellers from China isn’t easy because of language, shipping times, costs, etc.

I noticed another user create a post on here called @coffeefueled who was having issues with his LTN121XL01 and controller board so we decided to do a controller board swap as his ebay seller was different from mine (Chinatobby2011).

@coffeefueled sent me his board first as I was getting an image on my display and he wasn’t. The board I received at first didn’t work and I ended up with a black screen but it turns out one of the connecting cables was fitted in reverse. After I noticed this and fitted it correctly my display sprung to life and I now have a combination of display and controller board which works for me with no distortion.

@coffeefueled should be receiving my faulty board any day now (he lives in the US and I live in the UK). The purpose of sending him my faulty board is I know that it works and will allow the display if its a good one to display an image even if it does have a little distortion. He has had two controller boards from his seller and both have resulted in a black screen.

So there are a few of us recently who have bought the a display from displaysscreen and have bought controller boards from ebay with problems.

So the first question for you Steffen is where did you get your controller board? If it was ebay then who was the seller? The designs of the two boards that I’ve had my hands on are completely different from each other.



thanks for your replies. I bought my screen as well on on February 13, 2018 and I received it on March 1. The controller board I got from eBay (seller “zhongweilz”, see here:

I attached a photo of my board, maybe you could check if it is similar to yours and see if there’s a problem with the cabling on mine too. Unfortunately I have no technical description of the board’s connectors so I can’t check.


Hi Steffen,

I can’t see anything that looks out of place on your board compared to the ones I have here. If you want, I don’t mind trying out your controller board on my display if that will help you? I know how frustrating it can be as my issues lasted a few months before I board swapped with a member here too.

I wouldn’t want your screen posted though, they are too fragile and worth too much in working condition to post back and forward. If your controller were to work with mine then you would know right away you’ve got a screen issue
My Picade isn’t fully assembled at the moment due to trying different controller boards, etc recently so now would be a good time to try your one if you want?


Hi Dave,

perfect, let’s do it this way. Could you send me your address via private message (if that is possible here)?