Upcycling an iMac G3

Hey folks,

I recently found a classic “bondi-blue” iMac G3 in the trash and have managed to remove the guts and clean up the case.

Now I want to “upcycle” it and put a Raspberry PI inside. I’ve done a lot of projects with the Pi before but for this I’m looking to achieve a high level of finish on the end product and need some advice.

Problem 1: the screen

I’m having trouble sourcing a cheap, 4:3 15” screen to put inside. HDMI/VGA/DVI and resolution doesn’t really matter! Any one knows where I can get one?

Problem 2: power!

I’ve saved the original “kettle style” power socket and need to figure out how to get power from that into the Pi AND the screen. Obviously I can just do a “pass through” from the plug to the input on the screen but I’m not sure how to also power the Pi. Any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe powering the PU using something the wide-input shim and then controlling the screen power using automation PHAT? can I combine automation phat, wife-input shim and on off shim on the same Pi? (because that would be awesome as I could use the original power button to power on/off!).

If All else fails I was thinking of just wiring in a short extension lead and having the plugs just kind of sit inside the shell as I have done on arcade projects in the past, but that would look kind of janky in a transparent case!

Thanks for any advice you can offer folks!

Good luck ,I use to own two of them years ago ,wishing I still had one to try what your going to try ,don’t have any suggestions ,sorry good luck

Yeah it’s a project I’ve wanted to do for years. When I saw it in the trash I couldn’t resist the chance to swipe it! It’s all gutted, I just need to figure out all the other problems now !


The biggest screen I could find here is 14 inch and its not 4:3. =(

The Picade ones are I believe 4:3 but 10 inch is the largest.

Adafruit has a wide selection of screens but they seem to top out at 10 inches.
They have some panel mount cables you might be interested in though.

Yeah I considered the 14” but sadly the hole it fits into is 4:3 aspect ratio and I want something that fills the whole space if possible. The Picade screen is the right aspect ratio but waaay too small so I would have to put a big surround around it

I wish you good hunting. Everything is wide screen these days.

So as a temporary measure I dismantled an old Pi-top ceed I had lying around. Solved the power and screen issues in one go.

Only downside is the screen is widescreen but I’ll get a surround laser cut somewhere and it’ll be close enough!

Until I can find a 4:3 15” that fits perfectly that is!

Now I’ve solved that problem
I’m Also hoping I’ll be able to get some Neopixels running to illuminate the case because… well. Neopixels! 🤣