10.1" inch screen shim template


I’ve just installed a 10.1" screen in my picade and it works a treat!
I just need a screen shim template for the 10.1" screen as I don’t want to cut up my original screen shim that came with the picade. Does anyone have a template? I’ve only come across one for a 12.1" screen so far in the forums.


Sorry I can’t answer your question about the screen shim but would like to ask what model screen did you have for the 10.1 and how is it powered and connected etc? Also has it affected sound output at all?

I bought the 12.1 screen from the Pimoroni store along with the recommended power supply and ever since fitting it my sound has completely failed through the speakers. No support from the forum is leaving me a little disheartened with the project to be honest and I’m wondering whether to have one final attempt to get a larger than 8inch screen that actually works without it seemingly breaking something else.


I bought the Tontec 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 ips display from Amazon.

It is powered by a separate power supply at the moment, i’ve not completed the setup to know if the sound is working just yet but will let you know.


Please could you provide a link for the 12.1" screen shim template you mention? I could so with this and haven’t found it yet.


Here you go.

Alhtough it is actually for a 12" screen