10" LCD Screen Kit white out while using (when upgrade to Raspbery Pi 4)

I bought a Picade 8" version at 2018 and bought a “Picade 10-inch Display Upgrade Kit” at 2020. It works well with my Raspberry Pi 3B. Last week I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) with a USB-C version Picade X Hat from Pimoroni for upgrade. When I begin to config the keys for 1-2 minutes, the screen going brighter and brighter. Finally it turn into pure white, and 4 corner become black (as photos shown), even if I plug it back to my old Pi 3.

I connect the screen to Pi 4 HDMI port 0 with a HDMI to micro HDMI converter. The power of screen is connected to the USB 3.0 port of Pi 4. I have tested the Pi4 work well with other HDMI monitors.

I found that the screen upgrade kit is now called “HDMI 10” LCD Screen Kit (1024x768)" in Pimoroni. I want to know is the screen and controller card the same as I bought in 2020? Is my 10" screen is crashed? Is the 2020 version suitable for Pi 4 (Voltage changed or something)? If the 2020 version is not the same as now selling in Pimoroni, is current one work with Pi4, or I should provide another power source to the screen to prevent it crash?

I just have to say, that is really weird? It looks like what a CRT screen would show. I have never seen anything like that happen with an LCD screen. Wish I could be more help, but I’ll tag along to see if anybody chimes in.

It is really happening. I am watching the screen become totally white. Now when I power up the screen, no matter connected the HDMI or not, it first showing all white, then 4 corner begin dark. Finally become this.

Below is the image I captured while I trying recover the screen by pressing key pad with some key combination. But now this won’t happen anymore.

That is just bizzar?
What happens if you connect it to a Pi Running Pi OS?

I have tried but no luck. Even I unplugged the HDMI it still showing a white screen. I have replaced the screen with the 8" screen, power the Pi4 with Pi5 27W PSU. Now it works very well.

Must be a hardware failure of the 10 inch screen?

I don’t know. But it works well with Pi3 before I upgrade to Pi4.

I browsed this forum for 10" screen kit failure. Seems that most of the posts do not have solution. I tried to find similar LCD panel in the market for replacement but no luck. Most of the 9.7" 16:9 IPS LCD panels are 10mm bigger and 4mm thicker.

Have you re seated (removed and re attached) all the ribbon cables?

I re-installed the keypad ribbon. For the board ribbon, since it worked with the Pi3 before I haven’t touch it.