Picade 10 inch Pi 4 Screen Flicker

Hi, I have a picade 10 inch with a 8gb P4 which runs with no issues at all when using it with Retropie etc.

The issue I have come across is if I swap out the SD card running Retropie etc. and insert the one with what I believe is called Noobs and adding a usb mouse and keyboard once it has loaded as soon as I select the folders the screen starts to flicker between black and the folder view which makes it impossible to do anything - any ideas what could be the cause of this?
I wondered about the power suplly but I am using the 5.1v 3a one which came with the complete Picade kit.
The reason I have done this is that I have been given another SD card with Retropie and ROMS but this only works with a Pi 3, so I wish to use a USB /SD card reader to see what files are on the other card and copy them over etc.

Incase you are unaware, Noobs isn’t an OS, its an OS install utility. More info is needed as to what OS Noobs installed when you ran it the first time.

It was the micro sd card card that came with the Pi4 in the box with the Picade. It says Noobs on the larger sd card adaptor it came with. When it loads it looks rather like windows with the raspberry logo on the top left which opens a drop down, next to this is the folder icon etc.
I’m totally new to this so please excuse any ignorance shown.

Just thought, I wonder if it is power related as the 10inch screen takes power via the xhat I believe.

If it was me I would image the noobs card with just Raspbian.
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

Yes it’s most likely to be power related - the mouse and keyboard are drawing power over USB too so the screen is cutting in and out. I had the same issue when I first built my picade.

The way I worked around it was a little clunky but works if all you need is a very short-term fix:

Plug the USB cable for the screen into a separate powered USB hub if you have one, or the USB port of a nearby computer/laptop.

I wouldn’t suggest plugging the USB cable into a wall wart like a phone charger or whatever just due to the risk of it giving the screen too much juice, but that might just be an over abundance of caution on my part haha.