Looking for a 5" 4:3 screen for a project


I am looking for a 5" screen with a 4:3 ratio for a steampunk deck that I want to build.

The old crt screen isn’t working so no point on trying to convert the signal to analog.

Does anyone know about such screens? I can’t find anything suitable and it is doing my head in.


Adafruit have some 800x480 5 inch displays.
LCDs & Displays, HDMI Displays, HDMI 4 Pi: 5 Displays Products Category on Adafruit Industries

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I saw those but they are the wrong aspect ratio. Which makes the height too short so The blood wouldn’t be filled. The other problem may be they width may also make it impossible to fit them in the screen location.

If your ok with an “ok” screen (little fuzzy) but extremely cheap and hackable the backup car camera monitors work. They have 2 video inputs too. I like the 4.3" but you can also get 3.5" and 5" give or take $5 from $20 on ebay.
Some have an easy 5v reg to find you can draw off to power a pi zero from or send power to from a pi. Others don’t have such an easy PCB to do so. You don’t know until you crack it open. These run $20ish.
Again the detail is rather fuzzy but the price is right for hacking. And with regular composite/pal type video input these work great with pib1 and pi zero (TV pin to A/V in on screen).

I am collecting parts for a TRS80 mini build at moment. I have a 5" black and white Tube TV screen from a thrift store karaoke machine.
I will probably have it boot through emulation station to a TRS80 emu. Originally I was going to use the BASIC language OS ichigo Jam, but now I want more authentic experience especially since I now have picked up the original books (you write programs from to have a spreadsheet etc…) for the TRS80 iii. This was my first computer I saved and saved to buy use from a neighbor when I was in 5th grade. This was where it all started for me.
Best of luck on your build.

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I am ok with a somewhat fuzzy image. I want to have the image “filtered” to go with the look of the deck. So it need to be sort of lo-fi.

I will have a look at those monitors. I am pretty sure that I can get a video feed from the 3.5mm socket in the raspberry pi, which will match the resolution pretty well.

Thank you for suggesting these.

The ones with the hinged back on a stand I find the PCB with a hackable 5v reg in. I do not show that one, but its similar to the pinion stand one in the pic. I would look for one with buttons as it seems these have the better PCB in them. I really don’t Know. I have only hacked like 4 of these.

The other (the collapsable folding unit) I do not find that and it is more complex to stepdown from (unless you j gut a 12v to 5v phone charger and put that PCB inside between the 12v input and the pi).