Help for clueless noob please! Looking for a 5" HDMI screen

HI, Firstly I have no knowledge of the Pi or Arduino sorry!!

I am trying to find a 5" screen with HDMI input. I have a device that can output 1080P @ 30fps video via micro HDMI. I need a screen/monitor that can accept this feed directly without the need for extra boards, drivers etc. It needs to be protected within a case or enclosure or be capable of the same and run off a USB 5v power pack. 7" may be a possible option but only as a last resort as size and weight is an important factor. I am proficient with tools and soldering etc so a little work is no problem.
As for it’s use, to remote the video output from a near eye display night vision device.

Budget up to around $150 plus or minus

Any suggestions please??

Thanks in advance

Tim Grenville-Cleave

I think your best bet is something like a Lilliput field monitor. The issue with your requirements is otherwise two-fold:

  • Displays at 5" with native 1080p resolution are rarer than hen’s teeth
  • Displays with scaling that can accept 1080p and scale it to a more common 5" display are also rare

Something like this, or close, might work although I’m guessing a built-in battery might bust your weight restrictions:

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In lieu of anything that turns up, the 339 ticks all the boxes. The weight is a little high but not a deal breaker. Now off to give them a call.

Many thanks