10" Screen (PIM431) with Pi5

Not sure if this is a support question as I haven’t actually ordered yet but is this combination going to work? And if so, will USB from the Pi itself be enough to power the screen so I don’t need two wall plugs?

Just wondering if I need a ribbon cable like you do with the 7" but I couldn’t find anyone even asking this question so wanted to check first.

Thank you!

From HDMI side, there should be no problem. USB3 has a power limit of 900mA, which is slightly below the 1A of the 10"-display. The Pi5 has a budget-limit of 1.6A for USB, but I don’t know if they enforce the 900mA of the standard or not. And the limits in the datasheet are not always limits that are actually used.

To use the screen, you need a HDMI cable.