10'' screen requires separate power source


My Pi runs with 3A power supply. Despite having hdmi_force_hotplug=1 uncommented as mentioned in other threads, the screen doesn’t power on and remains black. It requires a separate power supply to get it working. Perhaps I need a stronger power supply? The Pi runs fine via HDMI on other screens. I’d be glad for any help.



The screen requires a micro usb cable for power- normally this can be plugged into one of the pi ports. HDMI cable won’t supply power. Sorry if I’ve read that wrong.

If I have read that wrong:

Have you tried it with max_usb_current=1 in config.txt?

Is the main power adaptor an official one?

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Just a FYI post, on a Pi 3B or 3B+ “max_usb_current=1” won’t do anything. They are already set to deliver the Max current by default. That does work on the B+ and 2B though.

@Tirant You will need to feed power to the display board via its Micro USB power port. Either from a dedicated power supply or from one of the Pi’s USB ports via a cable. Another way to do it is with a splitter cable. I don’t think it can be powered through the HDMI cable, if thats what your thinking.

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The product page for that dis[play states, Power supply: 5V / 1A. I’m assuming that means it needs at a minimum 1A to run.

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I forgot to attach the USB to microUSB cable into the ports. I think I’m getting old. Thanks a lot, guys!



Everybody makes mistakes. I’ve had my seniors moments, lol.



“I forgot” is my middle name :)