BME688 breakout not found

Hello there,

i am kinda new but i try my best do get some stuff working. right now i am trying to get the bme688 breakout working on a breakout garden with pico w. i installed the firmware as shown, pico prints hello world. then i tried the example code from github for the bme68x Link

i geht an runtime error that the breakout could not be found when initialising. i did my research and found a thread
but this doesnt help either.
can anybody bump me in the right direction?

thx a lot

Did you solder the headers on the PicoW yourself? If so, it would be worth checking the soldering is good.

thank you for the fast reply. no i didnt soldered it yet, just stuck the whole thing in place with pin headers. do you think its because of bad connection?

Yes, 100% yes.

You can’t just ‘rest’ (un)soldered headers in place and expect a reliable electronic connection, I’m afraid!

i see, what a pity. this would explain why the 240x240 pixel display doesnt work either.

thanks a lot, i will solder it then

That should improve things greatly.

On the bright side, the Pico(w) is a joy to solder headers onto, compared to the double-row nightmare of full-grown Pis!

hope that will fix the other issue with the lcd as well.
i’ll give it a try in a few minutes, wish me luck :)

ahnlak, thank you very much, both works just fine

beginner failure - check

Excellent news!

And don’t worry, you are far from the first and definitely won’t be the last - it’s only obvious when you already know.

I do sometimes wonder if Pimoroni should put “this will need soldering” somewhere obvious in the packaging.

i knew it, but i was too lazy yesterday. thought it would work for at least testing.

in my opinion its obvious, but perhaps they can note that it doesnt work the lazy way :)

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