Micropython Libraries for Breakouts

I have a pico explorer base and a VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor.
I have loaded the pimoroni firmware,

Please advise if there are any libraries to get this working under micropython.
I am also interested in other breakouts so please advise on breakout support under micropython in the pico explorer.

Thanks in advance

I haven’t seen anything official on this from Pimoroni. So best guess is its being worked on. I don’t think they have a very big staff so it may take a little while. I have plans to buy the Pico Breakout Garden when its finally released, and I’m hoping libraries show up when that is buyable. Granted before then would be better for people like you with the Explorer. I’m keeping an eye out and will be watching what gets posted here. ;)

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At least it makes me feel better if I know that its not me being unable to find them. If they are being worked on then that’s good.

There is plenty more on there for me to be playing with.

Fingers crossed somebody is working on it. If your on the hunt for something in particular and don’t want to wait, you could poke around over at Adafruit. They are big on Micro Controllers and Circuit Python and now Micro Python. They carry a lot of the same sensors Pimoroni does. Slightly different format but basically the same Bosh etc sensor. I hang out on their forum, I use the same username I do here.
Pimoroni sells Adafruit stuff and vise versa so I can’t see any issues with posting a link.
Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

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Thanks alphanemeric, that’s a good a lead. I see that they have drivers for a VEML6075.
I’ll have a play.

I have one of those, well two actually. One is all setup in a portable weather clock type build. That a BME280, LTR-599 and a Pi Zero. Some time down the road I’d love to replace the Pi Zero with a PICO but I also have a Unicorn Hat HD and LED Shim in the mix.
The other one I want to use with some Enviro+ code I’m running on a Breakout Garden type setup. It’s basically still a prototyping setup, well about 50 50 I guess. I have two Proto Zero’s and two Breakout Garden Mini’s lol. It will eventually be an indoor outdoor setup with the VELM6075 being outside getting me the UV index.
Just a heads up in case you don’t already know, but a lot of plastics and glass block UV light. I bummed a couple of the glass bases used for microscope slides from my dogs veterinarian. The long thin base piece. It’s fused quartz glass and is transparent to just about the full spectrum of light, visible and non visible. It’s not gorilla glass though so you have to protect it from hits of bumps. Mine is sandwiched between some frosted Pibow diffusers. I cut them so it fits and then RTV’d it in place to keep the rain or snow out.

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Great stuff.

Re-flashed to Circuit Python and added the adafruit_veml6075.mpy library
I have got the sample program working

I had to change the line
i2c = busio.I2C(board.SCL, board.SDA)
i2c = busio.I2C(scl=board.GP21, sda=board.GP20)

Now to get the screen working on Circuit.Python

I was wondering if you might have to give Circuit Python a try. Adafruit is big on Circuit Python and have a lot invested in it. I may end up going down that road at some point too. Easy enough to switch back and forth so not that big a deal. Might be fun keeping things straight after a while though.

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One point to note about switching between firmware is that all the files saved on the flash will be wiped. So if anyone is planning this make sure that you have backups of anything important.