Pimoroni Pico MicroPython BME680 driver compatible with Adafruit BME680 breakout board?

Hi im a newbie so please be kind^^, do the drivers of the pimoroni pico micropython BME680 driver work with Adafruit breakouts? (I would use the Pimoroni breakout of the BME680 but its not available in my country). I would say yes because its the same sensor.


Yes, but you may have to adjust your code if they don’t use the same default i2c address.

I have an Adafruit BME280 wired up to my Interstate 75 via the qwicc connector. I’m running the Pimoroni Micro Python uf2.
bme = BreakoutBME280(i2c, 0x76) got it working for me.
I had bought an Adafruit Matrix Portal and switched to the Pimoroni i75.

Thank you. This helps a lot. There is also a pad on the BME680 sensor to change the adress between 0x76 or 0x77.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve had a few Rum & Cokes tonight. ;)
I’d have to go and have a look, but I don’t think I messed with the address jumper.
Long story made short. If it says BME680 not found, you either have to change your code to match the address used, or change the jumper to change the address used by the breakout to match what’s used in your code.
I’ve done it both ways as I’ve used two BME280’s on one Pico. One for indoor readings, and one for outdoor readings.

your solution was good i just added my conclusion/knowledge which i gathered related to this thread.


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