BME680 with Pico breakout garden pack not working

Hi, i recently bought a Pico Breakout Garden pack along with a BME680 air quality, temerapture, pressure and humidity sensor to connect to a pico w and upon launching the example code found here pimoroni-pico/micropython/examples/breakout_bme68x at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

The code i tried is this:

from breakout_bme68x import BreakoutBME68X
from pimoroni_i2c import PimoroniI2C

PINS_BREAKOUT_GARDEN = {"sda": 4, "scl": 5}
PINS_PICO_EXPLORER = {"sda": 20, "scl": 21}

i2c = PimoroniI2C(**PINS_PICO_EXPLORER)
bme = BreakoutBME68X(i2c)

The error i get is this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 8, in <module>
RuntimeError: BreakoutBME68X: breakout not found when initialising

I have it all hooked up as shown from the pic below:

Here is where i downloaded the drivers and the microphyon libraries etc for pimoroni picow v1.19.12

needs to be changed to,
i2c = PimoroniI2C(sda=(4), scl=(5))

I think you’ve got your breakout plugged in the wrong way round there as well - try rotating it 180° :)

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Thanks for the reply, when i turn it around, my pico w does not get detected on my windows machine via Thonny anymore :(

i tried this with 2 more pico w i had soldered pins on before and none of them get detected if plugged into the breakout garden. umm

Rotate the breakout, not the Breakout Garden Pack.

The back side of the Breakout Garden Pack should have markings to show you the correct orientation for plugging it into the Pico. It shows you which way the USB port should point.

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Brilliant thanks that worked. i had one pico w that had the ling pins at the bottom whilst the other two pico i had including the one on the pic had the long sided pins facing the top. i basically had the garden breakout sitting on top of the pico w, not at the bottom of the pico w if that makes sense?


It goes Pico component side up, headers pointing down.

The Pico ends up flipped on its back when a pack is attached.

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