BME688 breakout not being recognized

I recently got a tufty 2040 with a BME688 sensor module for a project. I have tested the tufty and everything seems to work well however when I plug the BME688 into the tufty and run the sample code I cant get thonny to recognize the breakout connected

“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 8, in
RuntimeError: BreakoutBME68X: breakout not found when initialising”

Any help would be appreciated

Are you using the correct pins?

from pimoroni_i2c import PimoroniI2C
i2c = PimoroniI2C(sda=(4), scl=(5))
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I went to this website provided by pimorini:

I copied the code:

from breakout_bme68x import BreakoutBME68X
from pimoroni_i2c import PimoroniI2C

PINS_BREAKOUT_GARDEN = {"sda": 4, "scl": 5}
PINS_PICO_EXPLORER = {"sda": 20, "scl": 21}

i2c = PimoroniI2C(**PINS_PICO_EXPLORER)
bme = BreakoutBME68X(i2c)

Pasted it into thonny and run the code with the tufty2040 connected via usb and the sensor attached to it. I was expecting a tuple however I simply get the error mentioned before.

From what your saying are my pins wrong. If so what are the correct pins?

As alphnumeric said, looks like on the Tufty it’s 4/5, so you could just replace PINS_PICO_EXPLORER with PINS_BREAKOUT_GARDEN in your penultimate line there.

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Ok it works!, Changed the pins as suggested and I am getting data feeding through.

Yeah, the Tufty qwicc connector uses pins 4 and 5. I’ve been setting the pins as I posted above, in files I save for personal use.