Pico Explorer + Thermocouple Breakout


I’ve got a Pico Explorer, plus a thermocouple breakout that I want to use to manage the PWM on an intake fan on a BBQ to handle the temp. I’m happy with managing the PWM code thus far, but I can’t get a read from the breakout board.

Is there a specific package I’ll need? I can only find the Python packages on the Pimoroni Github - is there an easy way to use these on MicroPython for the Pico, or are there plans for all the breakouts to eventually have MicroPython packages written for them?


I would think that once the PICO Breakout Garden gets released, you’ll start seeing Micro Python support for the Breakouts. For now it seems its wait and see.
You could try the contact us link on the shop page and e-mail tech support.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

I’ve just seen there’s a breakout-dev branch that’s in progress on Pimoroni’s Git so that answers the question - wait and see! :)