Pico Explorer Base - breakout what's wrong?

Hello all,

I’ve recently acquired a pico h + explorer base + bme280.

I haven’t used any connecting wires - is this where I am going wrong?

I can get the pico + lcd to work fine but cannot get the bme280 to be found in either breakout slot.

Do I need to connect any wires from the breadboard?

The temperature shown above is the pico’s temperature

Im sure someone will have a better answer ,but this might help you in the meantime ,Use the screen on the Pimoroni Pico Explorer from CircuitPython - Raspberry Pi Pod and micro:bit base

sorry wrong link and i cant remove it yet, this should help,GitHub - pimoroni/bme280-python: Python library for the BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity sensor

The code you want for use with a pico is here.

@data_data Could you post the code your using.
No jumper wires are needed when using the sockets.

I think the error was human error -

it seems to be working now.

At first I didn’t have the pico inserted fully into the board.

Then I had a script to test the breakouts but needed to update the location of the i2c, with both of those fixed it seems to be working okay now thank you both.

Ah, yeah, the i2c pins used varies a bit depending on what Pico Pack you have. It’s caught out a few of us. Have some fun now that you got it working.