Pico Explorer with VEML6075

Is the driver/library for breakout VEML6075 built into your micro python ?
If not, how can I use this sensor with my Pico explorer

I would say no. If you go here,
Issues · pimoroni/BreakoutGarden (github.com)
And then here,
VEML6075 (UVA & UVB Light Sensor) · Issue #11 · pimoroni/BreakoutGarden (github.com)

It looks like PICO / Micro Python support isn’t done yet.
And it’s not listed here either unfortunately.
pimoroni-pico/libraries at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

It looks like it has a Circuit Python library though.

Thanks for those links. Guess I’ll have to wait then :-(