RGB LED's on LED Shim


I’m liking the looks of the new LED Shim. Just wondering if there are any plans to use those RGB LED’s on anything else, like the scroll phat for instance? Having to pick just one color is a bit of a let down for me. Spoiled I guess as my sense hat lets me change the text color on the fly.


They are- iirc- the very same LEDs we use on Unicorn HAT HD. Which should give you a ballpark on the cost/complexity of making something like a Scroll pHAT of that density. We might crank out a Unicorn pHAT HD though since that would be a fairly close approximation of what you want- 8x16 pixels I guess? (if they’ll fit)


A Unicorn pHat would work. I like using scrolling messages so I just figured that would be easier to do on a “Scroll” Phat HD, than on say a Unicorn pHat HD. At the moment my post was more of a just wondering type of deal.
I guess I’m spoiled to be honest. Scrolling messages is easy peasy on my Sense Hat. And changing the color of those messages on the fly is also easy. I’m currently mulling over replacing my sense hat with a Unicorn Hat HD. I was using the sensors on the Sense Hat but have switched to a BME680 for that. Now I’m wanting a bigger display with more LED’s. The coding in python part looks a little trickier though. I haven’t let that stop me in the past though.
I’ve also been wanting to do something zero sized, but the one color limitation kind of throws me off, thus this inquiry. Thanks for the response though, its encouraging. You guys always seem to come up with cool new stuff I didn’t know I wanted or needed until I see it, lol. ;) =)


I bought an LED shim, hasn’t arrived yet but its on its way. =)