Better readability for Galactic Unicorn


Quick question for the Galactic Unicorn:
I’m looking for something to help it’s readability, especially in daylight condition.

Would it be nice to add a diffuser ?
And , behind the diffuser, a kind of grid to separate light of each led ?

Does anyboy have tried something ?

I’ve used the Pibow Diffusers on my Unicorn Hat HD and Sense Hat. It really improves the look of the text and readability of text.
On my big LED matrix I’m going with one of these. I got a spare one to cut and use on my Galactic Unicorn. I haven’t cut it yet though.
Black LED Diffusion Acrylic Panel - 10.2 x 5.1 [0.1 / 2.6mm thick] : ID 4749 : $5.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I made this a long time ago for my Unicorn HAT.


It’s a 3D-printed grid with a piece of adhesive vinyl on top.

The same principal applies here too, albeit a custom PCB for the LEDs:

Thankss for yours replies !

Thanks for yours replies ! It confirm my thought: a grid behind something to act as a diffuser (acrylic, vinyl, no matter what).

Just need to find a way to print this grid for a cheap cost !

Should have mentioned, my second example is grid+paper+acrylic.

It’s approximately 10cm x 10cm and I paid about $10 for someone to print it for me.

If you split the grid into sections I imagine it wouldn’t cost too much to get printed.

I may have access to a fablab at work, just need to take some times to modeling the grid.

But in fact due to dimension I may have to split it in two parts.

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One more thing I should note, Unicorn HAT was definitely able to get hot enough to warp 3D prints.

My diffuser isn’t directly on top of my Unicorn Hat. It’s mounted on short standoffs. 3 or 4 mm maybe? It’s a small gap. I’m displaying scrolling text messages.