Galactic Unicorn - lower case text

Got my new board on Saturday, #395, so there are many already in the wild!. Amazingly bright and fast and very well built with plenty of examples and documentation to get you started. I’m delighted with it.

Just one thing - the FONT. No lower-case characters and the same as on the Pico Explorer. It’s a Marmite thing.

If you want lower case, and more characters, I’ve written an example which you can find here:

It also uses an AHT20 STEMMA/QT sensor plugged into the back.

Enjoy the blinking!

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Doesn’t the Unicorn heat up the sensor?

Location, location, location, lol. Depends on how close the sensor is to the hot stuff. If you have a nice long Stemma / QWICC cable it should be OK.

Thanks Tony, I don’t have one yet, but I can see getting one at some point. It would be a nice upgrade to a Unicorn HD Pi setup I use 24/7.

Nice work :) Can I link it from Github?

Re the font: There’s also now a bitmap8 font available in PicoGraphics which has lower case (and more special characters).

I’ve a 20 cm cable between the sensor and the back of the board. Good heat isolation so it appears to be OK.

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please link it to Github

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Just got a mystery box in the mail from Pimoroni. I knew it was coming, just didn’t know what was in it. Free Promotional Material was all I was told.
Inside the box is one fully functional pre-production version of the Galactic Unicorn. It was made before they decided to do a couple of upgrades to the final release version.
The enclosed letter says they had a handful of these units and didn’t want them to go to waist, so they sent me one to play with. Many many thanks to whoever is responsible. I am going to have a lot of fun with this. =)

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Well done. A just reward for all the help you have given in the past few years. You should find it great fun.

Here is another example to help get you started.

Have fun!

I have the 80’s Supercomputer Demo running with it sitting on my computer desk. Going to run some of your code tomorrow some time. Looking forward to that. ;)

I published on Github a modified version of @Tonygo2 's Galactic Unicorn - lower case text script.
See: Galactic Unicorn lower case changed version.

Thanks for doing that. Very neat.

If others want to try your upgrade, remember to update to Paulus’s library - the original version does not support some of his status variables.

The external sensor ‘hotplug’ algorithm is now woking fine. To avoid confusion, I renamed the modified into My repo has been updated.