Unicorn pHAT and top service


My second order from Pimoroni arrived today and with lots of very gracious help from gadgetoid I am the happy owner of a Unicorn pHAT too. I have spent the last half an hour trying to blind myself with this amazing little addon board.

The solderless hammer header worked beautifully and was easy enough for my 13yr old son to fit himself.

Now that I have learned some patience, I did more legwork and went in search of resources to get the Unicorn working.

Within a few minutes, I’d installed the libraries for it via a link on the GitHub page here:

I then ran a few of the demo python scripts found in the folder on the Pi. Crikey, those LEDs are bright! Even on 0.5 brightness, they are hard to look directly at.

The scripts give you a good idea of what the board is capable of and my son is now itching to start playing with code. And that was the whole point of this exercise for me…to get him interested enough in something other than the Xbox, that will teach him useful skills and some creativity to go with them. I can see I’m going to be ordering more of these pHATS.

I’m really grateful to gadgetoid for helping so much and Pimoroni for the excellent quality of the boards and the astoundingly fast delivery.

Thanks muchly.


You’re most welcome. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing what you & son put together.

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