Instructions for Unicorn PHAT


I program python, I’m not a circuit board geek.
I bought a unicorn PHAT and it came with absolutely no instructions
There are absolutely no instructions on this site.
There are instructions on the python here:
But that doesn’t do me any good because the python doesn’t work because I haven’t installed the PHAT onto my Pi Zero the right way.
I received a board with LEDs on it as well as a peice with some pins on it that I gather allow the Pi to communicate with the PHAT.
I screwed the board onto the Pi and tried to connect them using the pins.
The pins fit in but they are completely loose, with nothing holding them in.
The only thing I have to go by is a photo of a PHAT on a Pi at the link above where the pins are coming from the back of the PHAT and the pins are sticking through a bit.
They are not on mine, they don’t reach that far.
I have absolutely no idea how these pins are supposed to connect the PHAT to the pi, if I’m supposed to sodder them together or how I would do that, or if there’s something else thats not obvious and not described in the package I received.


Hi Unipy,

Yes the headers for the Unicorn pHAT do need soldering before the board can be used with the Pi:

The library documentation can be found here:

There is a more relevant tutorial here:

All this info is available from the store page:

Hope that helps!