Explorer HAT Pro Schematics



I am new to this forum and am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this and apologize if it is not.

I have obtained an Explorer Hat pro and cannot seem to find the Schematic’s for the board. I mean the circuit diagram.
I have looked at githubs repo’s and cannot seem to find too much on the hardware at all.

Would appreciate if anyone could steer me in the right direction as to where to obtain it.


We don’t currently publish schematics, but you can get a summary of the hardware devices here: https://github.com/pimoroni/explorer-hat/blob/master/documentation/Technical-reference.md

And details of the GPIO pinout here: http://pinout.xyz/pinout/explorer_hat_pro


Thanks for the reply,

I cannot think of a good reason why you do not publish the schematics.
All the pertinent information is on the links you posted above.

Although it is a bit of a hassle to do, I will be doing one and should anyone like to obtain it from me I will happy to send it to them or post it here if that is possible.


Schematic as promised. If anyone would like a PDF then please mail or message me and I will send it to you.


It would take time to tidy them up, annotate them properly and consistently and release them. We’re working on it, slowly, but it’s not a priority. Our Explorer HAT schematic still has “Activity HAT ???” in the top left corner!


Thanks a million for doing this. Much appreciated.



Is there any chance to get the schematic for the Pimoroni Unicorn HD hat. I want to change the pixel scanning due to a specific project requirement. Please let me know if that is any possible.

Thank you in advance