4 mcp9600 thermocouple amplifier on single channel

Do you know if the mcp9600 thermocouple amplifier chips can be configured to have 4 I2c addresses? The datasheet says it can but the web address says only 2. If so, how?

Much appreciated.


The datasheet says it can have one of several addresses if you use resistors to change the voltage flowing into a pin on the chip (interesting, I’ve never seen that method before). The Pimoroni breakout only has a pad which can be cut, so you’d have to do some additional electronic work to make that happen, possibly by removing and replacing the tiny little resistors on the breakout board.

maybe sticking a resister over the pad. interesting to find out, i want to pull the trigger on the purchase but need to wait for a definite answer first.

At a guess, power already flows through the pad (giving it i2c address 0x67), but if you cut the pad power is forced to flow through the resistors, giving it i2c address 0x66. If that’s the case then from the datasheet I think you’d have to actually cut the pad and then reduce the resistance across the selection resistor, not increase it.