4" touch with Lattepanda

Dear Pimoroni,
I would like to build a small, hackeable, supercomputer.

So after many reviews I made my mind for a Lattepanda(Intel 8th Celeron N4100)

Now the main question is: Would it be possible to adapt the connections to use one of your displays?

Sorry 2 additional questions:
1.- I want to use Debian so your drivers should be compatible, right?
The only thing I should do right is to connect it to the right GPIOs. Anyways I would like a confirmation on your side before buying.

2.- By the way, any idea, when the 4" Square displays will be in stock again?

I don’t think thats going to work? The Lattepanda looks to be using the x86 instruction set / processor. The Pi uses and ARM processor and ARM instruction set. I doubt the Pimoroni Raspbian driver will install.

Yes you are right, Lattepanda uses Intel vs Rasperry ARM. But if we get the source of the driver for sure it could be compiled for another architecture.
Or that is not possible?

I think you better have a look see at the pinot for the Hyperpixel. I have a feeling its no small task to wire it up to the Panda. Plus, what logic level does the Panda use on its GPIO? The Pi uses 3.3V logic.

Good point there. It’s Arduino based, so if I see that correctly uses 5 V Logic

So yes, the best would be to connect that through HDMI, but I really wanted to try touch ;) Thanks!

Arduino can be 3.3 v or 5V logic, it depends on what model Arduino it is. My UNO’s are 5V but my MKR1000 is 3.3v logic.
There are HDMI touch screens out there, they use a USB connection for the touch overlay. .

There is also a 7 inch version. I couldn’t find anything similar here at Pimoroni though. You may if you have a good hunt around.

Thanks! Yes that’s the way to go.
Otherwise it’s too complicated and does not make sense.
I like Raspberry very much but for some tasks the ARM architechture limits the software I can use.

Yeah, it depends on the hardware and how it interacts with your device.
I buy a fair bit of hardware from Adafruit. They are mostly Microcontroller orientated. Arduino and the stuff they make themselves in house. A lot of their breakouts have a nice right up for Arduino, and note at the end saying will also work with a Raspberry Pi. More often than not though, they leave figuring out how to make it work with a Pi to you.
Here its kind of the other way around. Pi first, with a good write up how to do it. Then an also works with Arduino note, but it’s up to you to figure out how to do it with Arduino.
These aren’t complaints just observations.
It is what it is though, the Pi is Arm and likely will be for a long long time. If you want to use the GPIO you have to keep in mind the logic level and instruction set etc. Anything that works via python should be doable, if you can find a library etc.

I had one of those displays, 7 inch I believe. Its resistive touch by the way, not sure if it matters. I liked it better than the capacitive. Just about any stylus will work. Screen surface is soft though and easier to damage. The only thing I didn’t like was the two cords sticking out the side. I eventually replaced it with the Pi foundation 7 touch screen.

so thats why you sold it to me ,LOL

Yes, I didn’t have another use for it at the time. On my bread board rig, the cables sticking out the side was a bit of a PITA. The replacement Pi foundation screen has the nice black bezel around it and uses the DSI on the Pi. No cables sticking out the side. My only beef with it is the capacitive touch. That means using a special stylus.