Hyperpixel screen & raspberry pi question


I have a product question. I am interested in using the Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4 square screen.
I know it covers/uses all the GPIO pins.
Is it possible to connect another RPI so that I can use the GPIO pins from the other Pi? (Use the other Pi as a ‘slave’?)
I’m building a speaker / retro game box and need a way to connect an power status LED, a shutdown momentary switch and maybe a fan. I hope this question isn’t too confusing. I did a little bit of googling but I may not be using the correct group of words to find the answer myself.
Thanks for any help,

Have a look see at this, I’m not sure it will do all that you want but it may be some place to start. I do believe it works on a Pi or PC.

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Thanks for the link alphanumeric. I’ll check it out.

Thank you for this info, really

At a quick glance you won’t be able to do SPI, i2c or i2s etc over the Pi zero. But pulling GPIO high or low should be doable if thats all you need.

I have one of the original Zero’s (no wifi) hooked up to my spare desktop running the Raspberry Pi Desktop. I haven’t done anything with that Zero as of yet though.

Sounds great!

I’m just looking to have 1 led that shows power status, 1 momentary switch for a safe shutdown call and power a fan. I haven’t received the hyperpixel yet, but as soon as I get some results I’ll post back here.
Thanks again @alphanumeric !