Pi DAC Pro hat + Hyperpixel 4 screen

I have a Rpi 3b+ and a hyperpixel 4 with touchscreen working together. I want to get a Pi Dac Pro (Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Audio) as a sound card. In theory the Dac re exposes the pins. Will the screen work mounted on the Dac?


I’d guess not. Comparing the pin usage from Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout and Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Audio

It looks like there are collisions all over. The hyper pixel page includes this:

HyperPixel uses basically all of the GPIO pins to communicate with the Pi (including the standard I2C pins) so it’s not generally possible to use it with other HATs and devices that connect via the GPIO…

Pin usage images

Yeah, the Hyperpixel uses DPI over the GPIO header. It needs all the pins to get the best performance. It’s a tradeoff that can be a bit of a pain depending on what you have in mind for that Pi.

That solves it! Too bad, such a beautiful screen but having no access to gpio at all can be pretty painful. Thank you guys!

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