5mm Rainbow Led COM0625

Can you tell me if should an external resistor be connected before power in or may be an internal resistor is already inside the Led.
I’m afraid to burn the Led if i do wrong.

From the product page.

In our testing, these LEDs will work happily at either 3.3V or 5V. They have a maximum current draw of 60mA at 5V.

Based on that I would say no, no resistor is needed.

Thanks for your quick answer. I am relieved.
Have a nice day.

I have some of these and just tested it: surprisingly, it seemed perfectly happy with 5V directly, with no resistor. The shop page doesn’t have a datasheet which would make it clear if the manufacturer recommends using one anyway, but for a least a few minutes they seem happy enough (I didn’t test them for longer than that).

Thank you Shoe, I appreciate your answer.
Have a nice day
(from France)