Power for the COM0621White LED Backlight Module – 78.5mm x 23mm


What is the specifications for the power supply to the COM0621 White LED Backlight Module – 78.5mm x 23mm ?

Well here’s the spec sheet:

It looks like they’re running it at 15mA.

Thanks for the information, is it possible to cut from the other side of the LED in order to fit the length of my application? I need only 70mm on light area. In the PDF it says “D.S.T Dubble Sided Tape” on that side.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.

I haven’t seen this particular model but my experience with backlights like this is…no. It’s manufactured as a unit.

One last question, if I drive the LED from a 5V stable source and using series resitance of 330 Ohm, will taht work?

Well the unit is rated for 3.3V so if you could drop the 5V down it should work. My circuit skills aren’t what they used to so I can’t advise on that. Can’t you power it from the 3.3v on the Pi?