8 LED NEOPIXEL not working

I recently purchased the pantilt-hat kit (without the neostick, I thought it came with). The pantilt servos work fine using the examples in github.
I purchased the recommended 8 LED NeoPixel strip

NeoPixel Stick - 8 x 5050 RGBW LEDs - Natural White - ~4500K; Product ID: 2868

I have tried all the examples in github and changed grbw to rgbw which is what this stick is. Nothing is happening. No blink, or light at all.
I believe my stick is SK6812 and not WS2812B but adafruit says the protocol is same!?

Do I need to purchase a different 8LED stick? Do I need to add circuitypython neopixel?

My mistake. I just brought my Volt meter and realized that I put the signal pin on the OUT side. I thought the pins on both side of the stick were exactly the same. Once I put the Signal wire on the DIN side the Neopixel stick worked.

I still have one question though. when I looked on the github site it appeared that the library is looking for 18 - 24 pins. I do not see a way to specify how many LEDs were on the stick.