Connect NeoPixel to Pico Explorer

I wish to control a neo pixel strip Flexible RGB LED Strip (NeoPixel/WS2812/SK6812 compatible) - Pimoroni from a Pico Explorer. There are a few things I am uncertain about.

  1. Do I need any terminators for the neopixel strip or can I just leave the unconnected end open
  2. If I add a strip connector LED Strip Connector Cable - Pimoroni, I’m assuming that I can just connect it to the GPIO on the PICO
  3. Do I need anything else?

I’d be careful which pin you use for power. I’d say your going to want to use VBUS, and draw power right from the USB power supply. The 3.3V out pin has a current limit.
If you have a long strip with lots of LED’s, your going to want a beefy power supply to supply enough current to power them.

Noted the point about power.

I’ve been groping round the internet - still can’t find any information about whether I need terminators. Maybe I’m using the wrong search words.

This may help figure that out.
The Magic of NeoPixels | Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide | Adafruit Learning System

I do not use any terminators with Neopixels. I’ve got a 1 metre - 30 pixel strip and use an external power supply. Do not forget the join the GND on the strip to the GND on the Pico. Works very well.
Have fun.

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Thank you - I can now make up my shopping list.