80s Arcade Racer for Cosmic Unicorn LED Matrix

Hi, I’ve been making an Outrun style 80s driving screensaver/game for the Cosmic Unicorn. It’s written in micropython. And then rewritten in micropython again once I understood the docs and realised where all the RAM went.

It has many different scenes to drive through.

There is a car and you can loosely drive it around the track, you do have to slow down to make the corners. But as I use it as a light show, there isn’t much game to it, at the moment. You can move around or just let the car drift down the road.
If I can find some spare memory on the pico I’ll try to add more features to the game mode.

It’s available on github here:

Video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CTsGtkukVQ

Hope you enjoy.

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