A match made in heaven : scrollPhatHD & WS2812

This is the little brother of my original rpi_messenger.

It has the same purpose,to show alarm messages from the motion detector at the remote house.
Basically its just a rpi zero & a scroll phat HD in a clear case,with a selfmade plexi cover,stuck to the wall at our kitchen with velcro tape.

Usually it shows the time,every half hour a weather forecast,and every full hour a news feed.

Again a dash button works as a “intelligent” button 🙂 => if a alarm message is pending to view (clock is flashing ),you can press the dash button to view the message.Otherwise it toggles the scrollPhatHD brightness ,or if the internet radio next to it is running,it toggles the volume here.

One special feature I managed to add : two ws2812 modules directly on the header of the scrollPhatHD display.

Through the clear case the light goes straight to the plexi cover,and it looks really nice.

The 2 modules are chained together,so I can control the light on top and on bottom seperately.

During the night the pi zero goes into night mode,which means he pauses all scripts ,and shuts down the wifi interface.

Also it glows at the lowest possible brightness setting during the n8.
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