Ring - Light clock PLUS scrollPHAT HD

Frankenstein couldnt do it better… combine something round and something rectangular to something cool :)

following text is from my projects blog ( https://lovemypi.wordpress.com ).
check there for more images,as I could only add one here :(

Clocks are general more informative than beautiful to look at.
With LED`s you can change that,or at least I tried .

The heart of my project is a round ws2812 circuit board with 60 retina damaging RGB LED`s.
These LED´s can be addressed individually ,each chip can be set in 255 levels,so 255³ ,which makes 16.581.375 possible colors.
They are REALLY bright,even white @1/1/1 is already bright. Mixing colors also increased the brightness.

A pi zero W controls everything. Coding is done in python.
There are different clockfaces and color themes.
Whatever you like,you can change the scripts,and its YOUR clock,not just any clock.

I tried my best to bring you pictures of the clock,but its really hard to photograph light,especialy led´s,even if the colors look nice on the photos,the real thing is so much more beautiful !!

There are 4 color themes :

yellow to get you out of bed. It goes from golden to sunny yellow
green for the morning,from almost blue to a real nice green at the end
red for noon and afternoon. It starts with violet and ends in a bright red
blue for the evening & night. goes from green to a wonderful bright azure blue.

As beautiful and nice look at,the ring isnt that informative. So I added another goodie 🙂
Pimoronis scrollPHAT HD was the one thing the void inside the ring was missing !
The microLED matrix display,adds the digital display factor and can scroll news and weather.

Nice combinations for clockfaces can be done with these two (ring & scrollPHAT).

To switch between clockfaces,I added a dash button to the circle_clock.A raw socket python script catches arp packages from the dash button and executes a script.

Its a nice extra to have a remote,but you can also control the clock with the touch of your finger.
The design added some space on the back of the clock ,so I was able to add even more :

  • DHT22 temp/humidity sensor
  • active piezo buzzzzzer
  • 2 tactile buttons
    The two buttons are positioned on the bottom left&right corner.
    So a light press onto these corners,triggers another python script,and subsequently a script/action.
    You can also press longer for a different action,makes a total of 4 different actions you can start with the buttons.

The backside of the clock (smoked plexiglas),is only slided in,and can be easily removed .
When the clock is on the wall,the nail locks the backside,so it can only be removed when not on the wall.